Wicks NOLA Scent Descriptions

AFTER THE STORM: This fragrance ushers in fresh starts and new beginnings. New Orleanians know that after the storm, the sun will shine again! Bright top notes of lemon, crisp apple, and ozone. Middle notes of delicate jasmine and white cotton blossoms add a floral touch to this airy and fresh linen fragrance.

ATCHAFALAYA: An American Indian word meaning "long river" this woody scent begins with top notes of amaretto and powder as it gives way to a heart of tonka and balsam. Notes of rum, musk, and sweet, resinous oud make up the base of this intriguing fragrance. The Atchafalaya Basin is the nation's largest river swamp, containing almost one million acres of America's most significant swamps, bayous and backwater lakes. 

BELLADONNA: Once located on Magazine Street in the Garden District, Belladonna Day Spa was named as one of the Top 10 places to visit in New Orleans. A smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights, Belladonna also contains middle notes of Jasmine and Lily of the Valley. A true spa fragrance. 

BOURBON CREME BRULEE: Creme Brulee has been a popular dessert in New Orleans for years, probably because it's a great dish to serve after a large, rich meal. Vanilla Bean, Caramelized Sugar and aged Kentucky Bourbon. 

BRIDE'S CAKE: When you say wedding cake flavor in New Orleans, those of us who grew up here know exactly what to expect: Almond! Sweet Almond Cake with Swirls of Amaretto Butter Cream Icing, Sweetened Pineapple Filling

BRUNCH AND BOOZE: In New Orleans, brunch without booze is just a sad breakfast. Bubbly Champagne, Juicy Nectarine and Black Currants with Natural Essential Oils

BYWATER: Known for its vibrant art scene and colorful creole cottages, the Bywater neighborhood is located along the natural levee of the Mississippi River. Sweet yet salty oceanic accords combine with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla. The fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cardamom seed and clove leaf.

CAFÉ AU LAIT: Cafe au lait is coffee with hot milk added. It differs from white coffee, which is coffee with cold milk added. Fresh aroma of toasted hazelnut, fresh coffee, and a touch of maple and hot cream.

CALLIOPE: AKA CP3 was a neighborhood in New Orleans, and one of the housing projects of the city. The Calliope was demolished after Hurricane Katrina. Heart of the blue agava flower, vetiver and raw cacao

CREOLE TOMATO LEAF: A knobby, vine-ripened uniquely colored tomato grown in South Louisiana's alluvial soil, sprinkled with Mississippi River water and brushed by hot, late spring air. This is a ‘true to life’ freshly crushed creole tomato leaf from the garden. The aroma of just-plucked, green tomato leaves blends with hints of lemon peel and fresh summer herbs

CREPE MYRTLE: You can't go anywhere in New Orleans without seeing one of the city's favorite trees! This soft, dreamy scent opens with top notes of lemon and ginger before giving way to a heart of jasmine and honeysuckle. Hints of violet, powder, and amyris mingle with wood notes in the base of this well-rounded floral fragrance

DOWN THE BAYOU: A bayou is a slow-moving creek or swampy section of a river or a lake. Spanish Moss and Cypresswood. Undertones of fir and patchouli. 

DRAINAGE PUMPS AND POTHOLES: "This candle smells like broken promises and neglect!" A sophisticated mix of citrus, musk, and earthiness that creates an uplifting, soothing, and calming aroma. Infused with natural essential oils, including elemi, fir balsam, geranium, orange, patchouli, and vetiver

ELYSIAN FIELDS: Broad straight avenue in New Orleans named after des Champs-Elysees in Paris. Fresh succulents, sweet agave and watery aloe enhance the fresh-cut green leaves and chrysanthemum petals, while base notes of patchouli ground it with a pleasing earthiness

FLAMBEAUX: A flaming torch made of several thick wicks dipped in wax. Back in the days of no electricity along the parade route Flambeaux carriers lit the way for Mardi Gras parades. This unique scent marries the citrusy sweetness of ripe oranges with the distinct kick of sriracha chilis for a result that’s anything but ordinary. Hints of black pepper and coconut

FLEUR DE LIS: French for "flower of the lily, the symbol is a tie to the city's French heritage. Crisp Pomegranate, Red Currants, Red Berries and Floral Hints

FRENCH QUARTER BEIGNET: Beignets were brought to Louisiana by the Acadians. Since then they have been a popular dessert within New Orleans culture. Deep Fried Dough, Vanilla Bean, and Powdered Sugar

FRENCHMEN STREET: Located in the 7th Ward of New Orleans, it is best known for the three-block section in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood which is home to the city's popular live-music scene. A sweet and sultry fusion of mandarin, jasmine, and rich amber with undertones of sandalwood and musk

GARDEN DISTRICT: A close-knit neighborly place in Uptown New Orleans. Famous for their secluded mansions, brick lined sidewalks and floral gardens. Sambac Jasmine, Cattleya Orchid and Ballerina Freesia

GARDENIA: Gardenia flowers line the historic Garden District. Green Leaves, Gardenia and Powder

GENTILLY: Framed by water on three sides, the Gentilly neighborhood is home to two universities, several parks, shops, and eateries. An invigorating fragrance of juicy clementines, mint leaves, chamomile and agave nectar

GRIS-GRIS: Gris-gris is a Voodoo amulet originating in Africa which is believed to protect the wearer from evil or bring luck. Cooling eucalyptus and pine notes uplift fresh green florals and rosemary, while earthy sage and cedar lend this fragrance an enticing woodsy base.

HOUSE OF CHAKRA: Bright top notes of green florals and crisp, green leaves blend into this airy, ozonic escape. The fragrance is beautifully grounded by touches of wood and vanilla

KENNER CITY: Home of Louis Armstrong International Airport, the city of Kenner is also where our CEO grew up and the location of our very first brick and mortar store. A unisex blend that captures earthy wood tones of mahogany and clean sparkling santal

KING OF CARNIVAL: His royal colors of purple, green and gold are to the day the colors of Mardi Gras. Rex is the King of Carnival. Fresh Citrus, Sheer Floral, Warm Musk, Cedarwood and Vetiver

KREWE: Pronounced "crew", the term is used to describe a social organizaiton that puts on a parade or ball for the carnival season. Rich Mahogany, Teakwood, Oak and Jasmine

LAKEFRONT: Beautiful area on the southern shores of Lake Pontchartrain.This clean scent starts with top notes of ozone and crisp linen. Eucalyptus and freesia complement the sea salt core of this fragrance. A touch of powder in the base keeps this scent light and airy, while moss adds an earthy, green depth
LOWER NINTH WARD: A woody scent of warm spices is blended with sandalwood and sweet patchouli for an enticing and comforting aroma.

MAGAZINE ST. LAUNDROMAT: Smells exactly like what you would imagine. Fresh Towels, Fabric Softener and Detergent

MARIGNY: Citrus and Fruity, Cactus Blossom, Sweet Vanilla and Musk

MELANIN: Tonka, Whipped Cocoa Butter and Coconut Milk

METRY: Discover your zen with a little help from our Cucumber Water and Melon fragrance oil. Top notes of zesty lime and ozone give way to a fresh cucumber aroma, sweetened by ripe honeydew and cantaloupe melons

MID-CITY: is a captivating blend of honey, spices, and tobacco leaves, with a smooth woody base. Hints of bergamot and herbal coriander give way to honey and amber. Tonka bean adds a touch of vanilla that complements the bold honey. Resinous oud wood, musk, and tobacco leaf ground this fragrance with an earthy base

NAMASTE IN NOLA: Nah, Imma Stay in NOLA! Why would you want to be anywhere else? Therapeutic combination of lemongrass and black currant with hints of patchouli and sugarcane. Lemongrass essential oil in known to help with depression and anxiety.

NEW ORLEANS LADY: From Bourbon Street to Esplanade they sashay by. This song dedicated to the women of New Orleans was released in 1978. A feminine blend of Moroccan Orchid, Apricot, and a base of Sensual Amber

NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE (Limited Edition Fragrance): Dark and Sultry woody blend of tobacco, patchouli and oud wood

NOLA BOUGIE: This candle's namesake Alisha Reed, founder of Nola Bougie is the source for all things better, best and bougie in New Orleans. Rose, Vanilla and bottom notes of Bergamot and Sandalwood
NOLA HOUSEWIVES: Delicate yet satisfyingly bold, this fragrance captures spring at the peak of its blossoming glory with its marriage of magnolia, peony, and freesia

PINEAPPLE BIG SHOT: One of New Orleans favorites. Drink one and see what it feels like to be a Big Shot! Pineapple, Fizz and Sugar

PRESERVATION HALL: This distinctive fragrance recalls the atmosphere of an historic library of yesteryear, beginning with a teakwood top note that gives way to a heart of cedar and leather. Earthy sandalwood, dark musk, and patchouli wrap up this woody scent.

SAZERAC: Aged Whiskey, Brazilian Orange, Leather and Oak Cask

SLEEPLESS IN NOLA: Lavender Blossom, Vanilla and Sugared Musk

SOUTHERN COMFORT: Warm Patchouli and Vanilla Blend

SOUTHERN DECADENCE: Pear, Crisp Apple, Nashi Blossom and White Musk

SUGAR COOKIE DEAUX: Freshly baked sugar cookies with a touch of butter and sweet vanilla. An enticing and scrumptious scent.

SWEET OLIVE: Described as the scent of Uptown. A Chinese evergreen, sweet olive, this beautiful floral scent gives off a slightly fruity, very smooth and exotic aroma

THE BIG EASY: They don't call us the Big Easy for nothing! Laid back and stress free, this blend of eucalyptus, spearmint and peppermint essential oils is just what you need to feel like a true New Orleanian. We ain't worried about nothing!

THE GULF: Bergamot, Patchouli and Deep Sea Water

TREME: Freesia, Bergamot, Lavender and Rose

UPTOWN STROLL: a lush, botanical fragrance. Seductive jasmine and ylang ylang give way to a heart of dew-drenched palm fronds and bamboo. Geranium and plumeria intensify the freshness of this floral scent.

VOODOO SPELL: Sure to put a spell on you! This captivating and sensual fragrance begins with light traces of apple and delicate saffron threads. Luscious black currants and blackberries are the core of this fragrance. Warm base notes of anise and amber surround you in this sophisticated cocktail of a scent. Patchouli and cedarwood essential oils enhance the intensity of the dark fruit in this rich fragrance.

WATERMELON LEMONADE: Ripe Juicy Watermelon, Fresh Meyers Lemons

WITH LOVE, NOLA: A sweet indulgence of ripe, juicy pear and cask aged brandy. A rare balance of natural freshness and mouthwatering sweetness that can be enjoyed in any season.

504 KIND OF ENERGY: Mandarin, Lime and Fresh Basil Leaf